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Radiation Records Inc. and its publishing affiliate Last Warning Music were founded in 1995 by New York City-based musician, songwriter and producer Paul Mark. Rad Records is laser-focused on the production and release of high-grade American roots rock - real music targeted at discriminating, trend-contemptuous listeners who are freakishly devoted to raw, soul-sourced performances and great original songs.

Blues, country, hard rock, surf, backwoods solo guitar, piano ballads, soul - the company's top-shelf catalog is unified by a blind commitment to passionate, high-quality music. A long-time player on the indie scene, Rad Records offers shelter to audiences turned off by the pervasive cash register jingle in the background of today's cultural landscape.

When you're fed up with the pandering, celebrity-driven sounds of contemporary media and your ears are craving something real, check the Rad Records catalog.

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